‘Turn Covid crisis into an opportunity’: PM speech 10 key highlights

In Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s virtual address to the Plenary session of the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Kolkata, he reached out to a major business chamber for the second time in less than 10 days.

PM today said our economy is facing unprecedented challenge but is determined to convert them into an opportunity. “Mann ke haare haar, mann ke jeete jeet” — meaning, it is our will power and grit that decide how we deal with crises.

People, planet and profit — This is a very crucial theme. Many think these cannot co-exist. But it is not so. They can and should work hand in hand. To explain it he used the example of LED blubs. He said LED has led to a saving of Rs 19,000 crore per year in electricity bills. This has been a relief on the pockets of people. It is good for environment. And, of course, with mainstreaming of LED bulbs, manufacturers’ profits have also increased.

For key highlights from PM’s speech, listen to the podcast

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