No blasts in last 6 years, says Javadekar but numbers debunk the claim

“In the last six years, not a single incident of blast has taken place,” Union Minister said on March 7. This claim is false. More than 1,000 incidents were reported in many parts of the country over the last six years, an analysis of the data recorded by South Asia Terrorism Portal (SATP) revealed.


“What we had experienced for 10-25 years (before the Modi government came to power)? We saw bomb blasts taking place in Pune, Vadodara, Ahmednagar, Delhi, and Mumbai. Every eight to 10 days, blasts used to happen and people used to get killed,” Javadekar was quoted as saying in a Press Trust of India report in The Hindu. “But in the last six years, not a single incident of blast has taken place. This has not happened just like that but due to some strong measures undertaken by the PM.”

As many as 1,071 incidents have been reported between January 2014, and March 8, 2020, in India, according to the data from SATP, a website that records and maintains database on terrorism and low intensity warfare in the region.

In India, 406 blasts (337 improvised explosive devices or IEDs and 69 explosive ordnance) took place in 2016, a government reply to Lok Sabha on April 11, 2017, said. The Security Guard’s Bomb Data Centre (NBDC) “data includes all major as well as minor IED blast incidents… including those which are accidental in nature”, the reply said.

Source: Data SATP

Analysis: INdiaspend

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