Kerala issues SOP for incoming travellers on short visits of upto 7 days

The government has issued standard operating procedures for those coming to the state on short visits, not exceeding seven days, for urgent purposes, and they will not have to undergo the mandatory home, institutional quarantine of Covid-19 pandemic.

This relaxation can be availed by those visiting the state for purposes like business, official matters, trade, medical care, court cases, attending exams and property management, after obtaining entry passes through Covid-19 jagratha portal, according to a government order.

Students coming to the state for academic purposes can stay for three days before the start of exam and three days after the exam.

District Collectors, District Police chiefs and other Heads of Departments have been directed to ensure that people coming for short visits strictly follow the SOP, as per which the duration of the visit is for seven days and the visitors should leave the state on the eighth day.

The travellers, while registering in the portal, should provide the details of their local itinerary along with the purpose of visit, local accommodation and contact person.

Local authorities should be informed of any deviation from this with valid reasons.


The District collector concerned, after verifying the details, will approve the short visit.

The local contact people or company/ firm/ sponsor shall also be responsible for the visit of the person.

Those coming on such visits should directly go to the hotel or place of stay without halting at any place in between.

They should not meet any persons or visit any place other than the purpose for which they got the permission.

They should not also visit any hospital or public places.

The visitors should refrain from coming into contact with elderly people above 60 and children below 10.

Students coming for examination or academic purposes should not go out of their rooms for any purpose other than the approved one.

During their stay in the state, travellers should follow all Covid-19 advisories and precautions including social distancing, frequent hand-washing and wearing face masks.

They should carry hand sanitiser and extra masks while travelling.

They can seek room service or food delivery facilities.

They should not extend their stay in the state without obtaining prior permission from the government authorities concerned.

If the traveller fails to follow any of these conditions, he or she will have to undergo 14 days institutional or paid quarantine.

If the traveller tests positive within 14 days after return from the state, he or she should inform the control room at once.

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