Covid-19 hinterland digest: 90 coronavirus warriors infected in Rajasthan

The pandemic is making nations take extraordinary measures and react differently: US President Donald Trump put up a new immigration check and companies in India are asking employees to take pay cuts. Those events made headlines. Business Standard takes a look at regional editions of Hindi newspapers to provide you a picture of the Covid-19 situation in the hinterland.

Frontline Covid-19 warriors in grave danger

Serving the country in the time of crisis is costing the Covid-19 warriors immensely. Reports in Dainik Bhaskar from Rajasthan suggest that several doctors, nurses, ward boys, policemen, and drivers are now a victim of What is worse is that not only they are getting infected from their colleagues, they are unknowingly putting their families in danger as well. 90 Covid-19 warriors from Rajasthan have tested positive. The main reason for such a tragedy is that they are constantly working with infected people or those who may have the infection. They are being posted in the areas with high contamination on a daily basis. Seven policemen have been tested positive in Kota, putting another 40 at high risk. Three injected people have put 100 officials in 2 stations at risk. Six and nurses have tested positive in Bhilwara. The list does not end. The past 24 hours have not been good for these men and women on duty.

Hunger, desperation makes women attempt to steal rice

Job loss and absence of food compelled women of Dumka districts in attempt to steal rice, reports Hindi newspaper Dainik Bhaskar. As the trucks filled with food grains passed through the Dunka-Rampurhat main road, dozens of women stopped them and tried ransacking. Women said that cost them their livelihoods and they had no money to buy food. As they stopped the trucks and unloaded a few sacks, arrived at the scene with force. The women told them their plight and the situation they were facing. got the sack loaded on the truck again and let it go. The women further said that they have not been able to purchase food despite having the relief fund given to them by the government.

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Drastic fall in electricity department’s revenue

The start electricity department of is headed towards a major revenue crisis if the continues, reports Dainik Bhaskar from Ranchi. The department expects Rs 400-450 crore of revenue every month. During the period of March 20 and April 19, the revenue fell to just Rs 20 crore. Only city non-commercial consumers paid their dues. Rural consumers did not pay their dues at all. The biggest contributor to the revenue, the commercial sector, also failed to pay their bills. The state purchased electricity worth Rs 450 crore but has got only Rs 50 crore as revenue. If the situation persists, then paying the salaries of the employees would also become a huge problem.

Digging deep for survival

Drought and water scarcity are known problems of Maharashtra. A couple in Vashim district is out of work due to the Their village faces a water shortage and has no well. The water tanker visits once in 10-15 days. Instead of sitting and doing nothing, the couple took the matter into their own hands and started digging a well in their courtyard. Initially, their families and neighbours laughed-off their efforts but in 21 days, after digging 25 feet deep, they found the substance for life — water. They said that they are sure that the well would quench the thirst of the whole village for several years.

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