Covid-19 Factoid: Rajasthan has the best recovery rate among Indian states

The count of confirmed cases globally is now over 8 million, of which almost half are in just four countries — the US, Brazil, Russia and India. The global death toll is currently at 436,164, while 4,141,324 patients have now been cured of the virus.

In India, there are now more than 300,000 cases, of which 153,106 are still active. As many as 9,520 people have lost their lives till now, while 169,797 have managed to beat the infection. Maharashtra now has more than 100,000 more cases.

Here are some statistics mapping the spread of the virus:

#1. Canada shows signs of recovery

After a short period of surge is early May, Canada is now firmly on the path of recovery, unlike its neighbour, the USA. From its earlier daily increase of 1000 plus cases, the country reported just 377 cases on June 5, the lowest since its peak. Canada has seen 98,787 confirmed cases of till now, and 8,146 deaths. More than 60 per cent of its total case count has now recovered.

#2. Sharp rise in new cases in South Africa

South Africa is now seeing a sharp increase in cases, and its growth trajectory is firmly on the ascent. The country has 70,038 confirmed cases till now, of which more than half the cases have been registered since the beginning of this month. Daily new cases have been upwards of 1,000 since June 1, and more than 3,000 for the past three days. Death toll in the country is at 1,480, while 55 per cent of all cases have recovered.

#3. has highest recovery rate among most-affected states

Rajasthan, one of the first states to witness the outbreak in India, has the highest recovery rate in the country. Three fourth of all its confirmed cases have now been cured. Maharashtra and Delhi, which are among the top five worst affected states, have a lower recovery percentage than the country wide average of 51 per cent. In contrast, Gujarat and Tamil Nadu are recovering well.

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